Braids into a mohawk. Mohawk Braid Hairstyles.

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#49. Mohawk with Cuban Twist hair

Braids into a mohawk

This braided mohawk is super modern and stylish. The blonde sets the tone for this truly original look. Mohawk braid hairstyles are pretty simple, but at the same time, they look stunning and very trendy. Braided Mohawks are becoming extremely popular right now. Fishtail Mohawk The fishtail Mohawk has everything you need for a dramatic look. Braided Mohawk Hairstyles and Haircuts These excellently braided Mohawk hairstyles show you how to combine the various styles of braid in different ways in order to create a unique look. This is a true badass look! Really, just look at the whole composition: This hairstyle is graceful and perfect for any red carpet event. The Mohawk itself is a combination of volume and mini ponytails trailing down the back with a bang to complete the look. Classy mohawk braid updo styles Bet you had no idea that such updos as braided mohawk could be chosen as a hairstyle for special occasions like a prom, wedding or any other formal event. The sides are all braided into intricate designs and the bottom portion of the braid leads up to the Mohawk itself. The hair on top is styled in a classic updo that can be paired with any dress for an evening out on the town. Good for you because the last pic in this paragraph shows a perfect hairstyle for you. The hairs is piled up on top into balls of braids that give the Mohawk some serious height. Braids into a mohawk

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Braids into a mohawk

Braids into a mohawk

Braids into a mohawk

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  1. The side braids in this hairstyle really enhance the gelled effect of thin curls. Apply some strong-hold hair gel and comb your hair upwards.

  2. It looks bright, stylish and chic. Check out how the silver threads and beads accentuate this braided mohawk.

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