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Tumblr submitted videos

Note that the owner of the blog must approve all submissions. When Melissa Drew, an adult content creator and model, logged in to Tumblr Monday afternoon, she was greeted by a deluge of unfamiliar posts and notifications. Submit Posts If the owner of a blog has enabled posts, you can open her submission page by logging in to your Tumblr dashboard, then locating the username of the owner of the blog on which you would like to post. Group Blogs Group blogs are private, password-protected blogs that are available only to group members and administrators. Your replies display in the Notes section for the original post. Replies and Reblogs Tumblr blog owners can enable replies and reblogs on their posts. You can reblog and reply to posts, if enabled. You can enter up to additional characters to the original post content in a Reblog post. Lawmakers hailed the law as a means to give prosecutors more tools to combat combat sex trafficking. But the statute also tinkered with a bedrock provision of internet law, opening the door for platforms to be held criminally and civilly liable for the actions of their users. However, Tumblr also offers other ways to interact with the blog owner and her followers. While many sex workers mentioned Reddit and Twitter as two popular alternatives, they lamented the platforms' lack of community and sex-positive culture. Many used the site to promote their paid content on other sites, interact with fellow sex workers, and screen clients. Similarly, more than a dozen people who said they had used Tumblr as their primary source of porn for years praised the site's social, judgment-free culture, which many cited as helping them understand their sexual orientation. You can also ask the blog owner questions using the Ask Me Anything feature. Tumblr submitted videos

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Tumblr submitted videos

Tumblr submitted videos

Tumblr submitted videos

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  1. The Reply feature allows you to post a character response to the post. Enable Submissions in Your Tumblr Blog To enable submissions on your own Tumblr blog, log in to your dashboard, then click the gear icon to open your Account Settings menu. Note that the owner of the blog must approve all submissions.

  2. Then came the porn ban. The iOS Reddit apps currently available on the App Store have built-in features that prohibit porn subreddits from appearing in search, and make it extremely difficult for users to find NSFW content in-app without labor-intensive workarounds. The move comes less than two weeks after Apple pulled Tumblr from the iOS App Store after child pornography was found on the site.

  3. Or at least it was. You can post your query to the blog owner anonymously or with your username attached using the Ask feature.

  4. Case in point: Ask Me Anything is a Tumblr feature that can be enabled in the blog Settings menu, as with submissions. When you reblog a post, the reblogged post displays in your own timeline.

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