Marriage age prediction based on date of birth. Calculators.

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How to the predict the Timing of Marriage? (Vedic Astrology)

Marriage age prediction based on date of birth

Here I will give you a Proper and step by Step guide on How to predict marriage Timing in astrology easily yet effectively and this will going to help you in marriage prediction from Horoscope. Taurus April 20—May 20 Andrew Zaeh for Bustle While Taureans are driven by practicality, they are oftentimes simultaneously blinded by their own ambition. If Saturn is the strongest planet who is affecting seventh house, your marriage will happen in West and if Moon affects the seventh house with full power, you will marry where the river or sea exists. There will be several Dasha when Marriage will be Possible. Intermittent Marriage Line Suggests Late Marriage The intermittent marriage line suggests the twists and turns in love; you may often break up and are not free to marry, thus always get married late. In case you want me to check your Horoscope, feel free to contact me for Consultation. You can read our discussion on What is Navamsa chart to know about it. If seventh house is surrounded by malefic the married life could be critical. This thing depends upon your planet in 5th house and 7th house. Related Reading: Nothing can gained without the Blessing of 11th Lord. In jaimini Principle the planet which has got lowest degree is Called the Darakaraka Planet. You'd better use more ways to predict instead of using only one. Otherwise only first question will be answered. In case of Dasha, I will always suggest to use at least two Dasha System like-Vimsottari and Chara dasha for Marriage timing in astrology. If they are far away, the lord of the seventh house should be analyzed that how soon it would come in the period or sub period. Marriage age prediction based on date of birth

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Marriage age prediction based on date of birth

Marriage age prediction based on date of birth

Marriage age prediction based on date of birth

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  1. Some relations we get by virtue of birth like father, Mother, sister etc and some we create by our self like Friends, Life partner etc. Book Your Consultation!

  2. Sometime even the Vimsottari Dasha of Darakaraka Planet can give Marriage and we should keep it in mind for marriage timing in astrology. Marriage and planetary positions Marriage Calculator assumes great importance in life; marriage makes or breaks the native's life.

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