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Female Domination

Soft female domination

Your fantasies may include chastity devices or more severe treatment or humiliation regarding your inability to have release. Men are often tempted to create their own rituals and rules regarding "not being allowed to cum" because they have done it for so long all by themselves with a make believe femdom, or someone they met on the Internet. The last thing you want to do is reward bad behavior by not pointing it out. Timing wise, these kinds of scenes work well in the course of ONE evening lots of starting and stopping, so by the end of the night he's just ready to explode and will do ANYTHING for you , or over several days, with periodic teasing. All the oral sex you want, when you want it, without having to return the favor. This is her opportunity to share what has worked for her. As I got older, I was exposed to more, at my own pace, and found that there were a great many things I could enjoy with a partner. You can make the rules. Gentlemen, please do not use this post-scene time to lay out your laundry or wish list. Some creative, spontaneous examples: Soft female domination

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Soft female domination

Soft female domination

Soft female domination

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  1. I have found that most men even non kinky men respond to this kind of game because it's sexy and fun, and most women can get into it because it's relatively low pressure and she has many options to do it her way.

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