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Electro stimulation tumblr

The treatments could be programmed into the computer to be carried out at particular times, or they could be controlled at a control booth in the lecture hall by any of the attendants, doctors or orderlies. The spasms have been happening more often lately. Here you can see the original and awesome Bodine motor has been replaced by my closed loop stepper. The private room was in fact at the centre of a large room that was often used as a teaching and lecture hall for various medical professionals and curious lay persons who were interested in the techniques that the facility used. Instead of an orderly coming in to perform the routine cleanings and measurements, they were instead greeted by a mechanical whirring as their bed spread their legs wider apart, and the cleaning equipment rose from its slot in the bed. Taka grimaces. Their speed can also changed per step so some interesting stroke patters could be programmed later on. This was done to ensure that the toy never forgot that their role and purpose was to be pleasing and entertaining to those around them, who they had the privilege of serving. It will do exactly the same as going to an electro-stim session, only in short bursts throughout the day as opposed to going for longer sessions every couple of weeks. The entire process could last as long as the time that was allocated between cleanings on some days when the toy was particularly aroused. It was always entertaining to see how the toy would blush deeply and squirm upon revealing that a room full of people had witnessed that a cleaning procedure that might generally take 20 minutes on most of the patients in the facility had taken 3 full hours to clean the toy without risking putting it over the edge. Electro stimulation tumblr

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Electro stimulation tumblr

Electro stimulation tumblr

Electro stimulation tumblr

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  1. So far, I have not decided on how I will approach the air controls but the philosophy of the project is that they need to either be fully automated or app controlled. Rather than replace it I decided to do something I have always wanted to do and start from the ground up.

  2. Taka grimaces. Do I need to help you hide the body? I was a bit lazy documenting the process so here is a quick video of where I am at so far and then I am going to make a few posts on the steps taken to get here.

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