Otis michigan mdoc inmate search. .

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Michigan Inmate #673261 Christopher Luke Pratt Scheduled for Parole Hearing- "Keep him in Prison"

Otis michigan mdoc inmate search

You can even schedule an appointment to visit with your loved one online, learn important information about the facility, read frequently asked questions, and more. An offender's date of birth. The department merely supervises these offenders for the county. To report a parole absconder, please send an email to: Keep in mind several inmates at the DOC may share the same name. The majority of information on the OTIS site is obtained from court records. For probationers, the Maximum Discharge Date is the expiration date of the probation order with the greatest calendar date. In fact, very few if any escapes actually take place from a prison. An offender's location or place from which the offender is being supervised. You will be required to attest to these statements again in the member's area prior to conducting your search. This holds true even if the offender dies. They are being actively sought by the Michigan Department of Corrections. The maximum date could be increased based on the amount of time the Warden does not grant. These offenders are under the jurisdiction of the county that sentenced them. The ERD refers only to that date at which a prisoner is eligible for parole, if all appropriate time off for good behavior is earned and if the prisoner is not serving a life sentence. Otis michigan mdoc inmate search

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  1. Generally, parolees are housed in the community and live in other states through the Interstate Compact, to which Michigan belongs.

  2. Users may also enter additional information to refine the search process. Background Information Available:

  3. An offender's MDOC number is unique. The majority of information on the OTIS site is obtained from court records. This date may change if the prisoner accumulates misconducts for violating prison rules.

  4. CorrEMC michigan. Prisoners who escaped from a non-secure or non-prison location, such as a former corrections center, or who broke their electronic tethers, are given this designation.

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