Updating the natural history of hpv and anogenital cancer. Updating the Natural History of Human Papillomavirus and Anogenital Cancers.

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Natural History of HPV Infection in Head and Neck Cancer by Maura Gillison

Updating the natural history of hpv and anogenital cancer

Some findings also suggest that, in addition to HPV, constant irritation and chronic inflammatory changes may play a role. This specificity is useful for the definition of HPV-infected cohorts, in which etiologic cofactors can be studied. Similarly, clearance of anal HPV is also common, with few individuals showing persistence unless they are human immunodeficiency virus HIV -infected. Epub Jun It would be interesting to know whether, among HPV-induced anogenital cancers, HPV16 has a higher etiologic fraction for vulvar than for cervical cancer as the small amount of data suggests. More work is needed on the reliability of viral DNA assessment, given that HPV can infect the penile shaft, scrotum, and other anogenital skin. The possible exception is for studies aimed at clinicians who treat all lesions diagnosed as CIN 2 or worse. The modal time between HPV infection occurring in the late teens or early 20s and precancer peaking around 30 years of age is about 7—10 years. Sometimes the lesions appear to be precancers microscopically but, given the low risk of cancer, they are not true surrogates for cancer. Chapter 5: It will be particularly important for epidemiologists to define HPV persistence rigorously in order to guide clinical management and vaccine trials. It is generally a bad idea to do what we have done in the past, namely, to combine CIN 2 and CIN 3 because of small numbers. Some studies of highly exposed women such as prostitutes 15 have shown a significant decrease in the HPV prevalence with age, despite continuously high sexual activity, indicating that loss of viral detection and type-specific immunity to reinfection occurs. In that instance, CIN 2 is a valid part of the clinical case group. Updating the natural history of hpv and anogenital cancer

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Updating the natural history of hpv and anogenital cancer

Updating the natural history of hpv and anogenital cancer

Updating the natural history of hpv and anogenital cancer

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  1. Several ongoing cohort studies should give us further insight into male infections in the near future. The nonkeratinizing squamous cell types of anal cancer are much more strongly associated with HPV than the keratinizing types

  2. Some nononcogenic HPV infections are capable of producing lesions diagnosed as CIN 2, showing that this level of abnormality is not a sufficient surrogate for cancer risk. We prefer to use cases of CIN 3 for analyses of precancer, leaving CIN 2 as a buffer zone of equivocal diagnosis, much like atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance for more minor cytologic abnormalities.

  3. In other words, anogenital HPV infections tend to resolve spontaneously, as do warts anywhere on the body.

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