Sexual fantasy and attachment cords. Sexual Vampirism – Sex and Entity Attachments.

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Sexual fantasy and attachment cords

That is not love, it is fear and hate and desperation, and suffering masquerading as love. And the prospect of giving up these security blankets does not look and sound too great, especially the prospect of being rejected by everyone you have previously known to be family, friends and lovers. So personally through the laws of Divine Reflection and Divine Resonance, we manifest people who will assist us with this, directly and indirectly, to clear, heal and forgive our past lives. It transforms an awareness of the beautiful personality that you are, into the sexual object of instant gratification, as well as all the dramatized judgement around that. The deals and agreements continue and the conflicts continue as individuals naturally break the agreements they have made with each other. For instance, a person may have dreams and phantasies of a lascivious nature, and these may give rise to their characteristic thought-forms; these thought-forms, now existing independently of the mind that originally conceived them, and being in the aura of that person, give him suggestion just as any other thought-forms projected telepathically from the mind of another person might do. The love that is between you, just is. I know, because I have personally been through the atonement process… I had to experience deep and intense feelings of shame, guilt, fear, despair, loneliness and many other emotions to release myself of these energetic agreements. Like the Tantra healing exercise mentioned before, can be very effective with this sexual laughter. Transparency is an essential ingredient to meaningful relationships. For many the experience is life changing. There has been so much distortion around our sexual energy over time that you have to be extremely clear within yourself or you can manipulate people into your offering and welcome denser energies and handler spirits to control them through your image. But unfortunately these scenarios are more often the case when embarking upon a life of empowerment, divinity and sovereignty. Guys that practice this form of sex often have sexual frustration, and that can show up as dominance and control; slapping and pulling hair. Let go of the need to climax and get lost in the physical sexy details of your partner, and you may discover your climax to be more potent. A situation in which you both click with each other, instead of someone you have casual sex with, and this someone you click with becomes much more than just eye-candy. All to obtain love. Sexual fantasy and attachment cords

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Sexual fantasy and attachment cords

Sexual fantasy and attachment cords

Sexual fantasy and attachment cords

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  1. But of course these needs are impossible to actually fulfill, at least in the long term, and certainly in these accelerated times.

  2. Sexual bonding through orgasm is automatic, it happens whether we want it or not. Porn shreds spiritual awareness and has a strong tendency to bring out a sexual greed.

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