The moon festival facts. Mid-Autumn Facts ( 10 Interesting Things You Didn't Know).

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Moon Festival - Origin, Science & Legend

The moon festival facts

While being enveloped in the smoke of burning incense, she describes the beautiful sights and sounds she encounters. He would jump around like a toad until water was sprinkled on his head, in which he would then stop. The young women would arrive early to overhear remarks made about them by the young men. In celebrations around the world, there are the usual Dragon Parades , Lion Dances , lantern carnivals, colorful markets, etc. Chang'e fled to the moon and became the spirit of the moon. If you want to experience the Mid-Autumn Festival in China, get your tickets as early as possible before the holiday. Chinese people make some huge mooncakes — some bigger than a jacuzzi! On this night, the moon is at its brightest. It is generally believed that the moon is brightest in fall, therefore Mid-Autumn Festival is also called the Moon Festival. On the day of the festival, people traditionally give each other mooncakes. See the 7 best places to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. What Happens During the Celebration? Continue Reading. The moon festival facts

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The moon festival facts

The moon festival facts

The moon festival facts

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  1. The Mid-Autumn Festival falls as early as September 8, which is late summer for south China; not even autumn!

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