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Gay Days in Walt Disney World! - 2018

Lgbt disney world

Dad's Bottom Line You have to make your own decision about when to take your vacation. A lot of travel agents don't even mention it when you book a vacation. Additional information on the event can be found at www. If you want to head to Disney during pride—or anytime—contact our friends over at MickeyTravels today. The popularity of Orlando with gay and lesbian travelers has been confirmed by the expansion of the June "Gay Day" celebration at Disney World into a weekend event that includes Universal Orlando and SeaWorld. She encouraged families to re-think visiting Walt Disney World. That is changing in By , the event had grown to 10, gays and lesbians traveling for the gay day at Disney. Family Information Being a Dad, I know that this concerns a lot of families planning Disney World trips in the summer. Gay Orlando Network www. While the act is still being debated and questioned today, a few years ago, section 3 was ruled unconstitutional, officially making same-sex couples acknowledged as equals at the federal level. Lgbt disney world

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Lgbt disney world

Lgbt disney world

Lgbt disney world

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  1. Tips for Gay and Lesbian Travelers in Walt Disney World advertisement Orlando is a Southern town, but the entertainment industry and the theme parks have helped in the building of a strong gay and lesbian community. This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice.

  2. By , the event had grown to 10, gays and lesbians traveling for the gay day at Disney. This is a surprising fact, considering Walt Disney World is in the traditionally conservative state of Florida, where same sex relationships and families are not always supported.

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