Average blonde girl. Why do men find blonde women so very attractive?.

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Average blonde girl

The genes for blue eyes and blonde hair are recessive, meaning both parents must have the genes for them to be expressed in their offspring. This seems to be true of a lot of men. Blondes do not seem to have lost any of their popularity since the end of the last ice age. For a female to choose a blond male he must be able to deliver resources mammoth , as his blond hair alone is not enough to turn her on. Individuals with lower levels of a melanin pigment called eumelanin are likely to have blonde hair. In addition, before bottles of hydrogen peroxide became available, blonde hair in females could be interpreted as an honest signal of youth and therefore reproductive fitness. Northern Europe has fewer hours of sunlight compared with Africa, so the theory is that tribes migrating into Europe underwent a genetic mutation that resulted in the depigmentation of skin and hair. Research on variation in human hair colouration has shown that mutations in genes that are involved in the synthesis of melanin pigments are largely responsible. Unfortunately he was unable to find enough data to support his theory that blonde hair is sexually selected and had to drop the subject. In northern Europe, however, where ice covered much of the terrain, people were dependent on meat. Research suggests that blondes feature more often as Playboy centerfolds than they do in women's magazines, and the percentage of blondes in each type of magazine exceeds the base rate of blondes in the normal population. There are higher numbers of females born blonde than males and retention of blonde hair into adulthood is a sexually selected indicator of fitness in females. A blue-eyed male with a brown-eyed mate would not have the same assurance the resulting brown-eyed infant was his child and therefore worthy of a slice of the mammoth he risked his life trapping and slaughtering and then spent days dragging back across miles of icy tundra. Colour mutations can only proliferate in populations if they are seen as desirable and are sexually selected for. Blonde hair is almost certainly a sexually selected trait in women. Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes natural or otherwise. The theory is that when given the choice, Pelaeolithic males chose blondes, who stood out from their rivals. Average blonde girl

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Average blonde girl

Average blonde girl

Average blonde girl

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  1. The theory is that when given the choice, Pelaeolithic males chose blondes, who stood out from their rivals. Blondes do not seem to have lost any of their popularity since the end of the last ice age.

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