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Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do

Taylor swift ready for it youtube

Graffiti seen on the walls are lyrics from the album reputation. The other version of Swift is seen wearing a large black cloak. Music video[ edit ] Production and release[ edit ] The video was shot on August 21, With this, Taylor is likely showing she wants the world to know that she isn't just a robot that is programmed to be happy all the time just to keep up with an image that the media and public forces her to mantain. Swift uses images of Hollywood romance, islands and going undercover so that "no one has to know". The "media" Taylor has had enough of what the public has said about her and lets the "real" Taylor take control. If this theory is correct, the video suggests that the "media" Taylor has been imprisoning the "real" Taylor for a long time, because she is either too scared to show her true self or is forced to pretend to be someone she's not for the sake of the public and her reputation. She is shown behind the walls of a cell being guarded by several men in suits. In the UK it also peaked at number seven becoming the second single from reputation to reach the top ten in both countries. These fantasies include "holding him for ransom", committing a bank heist together, moving to a secret offshore location and being held in jail. An audio for the song was released on September 3, that has 45 million views to date. She can now be honest and happy rather than living as a faked version of herself. Taylor swift ready for it youtube

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Taylor swift ready for it youtube

Taylor swift ready for it youtube

Taylor swift ready for it youtube

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  1. One version is a cyborg in a white bodysuit. Soon after, Hartigan was stolen onto Team Blake, saving him from elimination.

  2. The video starts with the cloaked Swift walking through an alley, making her way past several guards and typing in a code to access the room where the cyborg Swift is being held.

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