Sex education for teens on dvd. Real Life Teens - Teen Pregnancy DVD.

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Sixty Years of Britsh Sex Education Films Released on DVD

Sex education for teens on dvd

The story is reinforced by interview segments with domestic violence counselors who make connections between events in the drama and the patterns of abuse evident in real-life situations. How is this going to affect my life? Now there is such a tool. Planned Parenthood plays heavily in the program, with a representative suggesting many times that it is a resource for parents and teens. Some are fact-based and dry, so as to avoid any hint of judgment or morality. The CDC released a recent study that has shown that one in four teenage girls, out of a total of 3. There is no excuse. You have lots of choices. However, doctors stress that families should help guide and inform children about sex according to their traditional and religious beliefs. Especially when it can be as easy as placing a DVD into the player. Instead, the videos present information from an array of doctors and medical professionals, including a urologist, a sexologist and a gynecologist. Sex education for teens on dvd

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Sex education for teens on dvd

Sex education for teens on dvd

Sex education for teens on dvd

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  1. The video helps young people recognize the characteristics of a dangerous relationship, and makes the point that it is NEVER too late to get help. The age of the actors makes the program ideal for secondary school students, but it can also be used for a younger or a more general audience.

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