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Shahvani picture

This course affords students their first opportunity to direct and produce their first substantive narrative Film. Screenplay Analysis 3 Before writing a script, students must understand how screenplays are constructed. You can pursue something much like Motion Pictures, such as Creative Writing in the English department or Photography in the Art department. Students' Capstone Projects will reflect an individual student's perspective on all they have learned both as filmmakers and as people in their time at Belmont University and will reflect their growth both creatively and personally. Motion Pictures Internship Prerequisites: Scene and character analysis. MOT Introduce basic grammar of Filmmaking - both visual and aural. There are three approaches to a minor. Location and Post-Production Sound 3 Prerequisites: Senior Capstone Seminar 3 Prerequisite: An overview of Film, Television and Digital Media businesses from concept to marketing and distribution. Coursework will include investigating aspects of the topic in a research paper, keeping a film journal about all screenings, writing exams and participating in a group project to create your own short film in the style of the topic. Shahvani picture

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Shahvani picture

Shahvani picture

Shahvani picture

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  1. There are three approaches to a minor. Each class will consist of lecture, screenings and discussion.

  2. Screenwriting I 3 MOT Some of the areas covered will be: MOT , junior standing, a minimum of 2.

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