Fun challenges like the cinnamon challenge. Top 13 Challenges Popular on YouTube.

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Fun challenges like the cinnamon challenge

Tin can challenge Gather together all of the tin can foods that you can get your hands on. You can't. Blindfolded Keepie Uppie Challenge The blindfolded keepie-uppie challenge is a cool soccer challenge that will test your football ability. You can use fun hair styling tools and accessories like combs, brushes, scrunches, and hair gel. If you don't want to try it yourself, then take a look at some YouTubers doing this challenge. Find out how good your makeup skills really are when you do not have a mirror to help you. Another requirement is a friend that will do the honor of turning the bucket upside down on your head. No Thumbs Challenge A fun game for all ages where you try to accomplish various tasks while your thumbs are tied up but remember— no cheating! Many of these challenges end unsuccessfully and leave you with a very dry mouth. This is not only simple but also needs no special things and quite harmless. Also don't go overboard on the food selections. Gather a nice of variety of makeup including lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, and blush. It has become a great trend among the Vloggers to do this challenge. One person plays 10 seconds of a song, while the other person or persons guess the name of that song. Hoverboard Challenge Challenge your friends to the hoverboard challenge by seeing how long you can stay up and who has the best hoverboard tricks. This is going to be craziest and daring challenge to do with your friends. Fun challenges like the cinnamon challenge

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Fun challenges like the cinnamon challenge

Fun challenges like the cinnamon challenge

Fun challenges like the cinnamon challenge

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  1. Once you complete the challenge successfully, you're supposed to upload a video to prove that.

  2. I'd also recommend using more mild peppers to soften the blow, but if you think you can handle it, then try the ghost pepper challenge and see how you fare against your friends.

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