Normal adult gait. Repeatability of kinematic, kinetic, and electromyographic data in normal adult gait.

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OpenSim simulation of adult walking for 10 gait cycles

Normal adult gait

There is considerable variation in the way normal gait patterns develop - such variation may be familial e. Intrasubject repeatability was excellent for kinematic data in the sagittal plane both within a test day as well as between test days. Subjects were evaluated three times on each test day and on three different test days while walking at their preferred or natural speed. The legs are externally rotated with a degree of bowing. For joint angle motion in the frontal and transverse planes, the repeatability was good within a test day and poor between test days. Registering also allows you to bookmark favourite pages and track your viewing. These observations suggest that it may be reasonable to base significant clinical decisions on the results of a single gait evaluation. Concern if not sitting independently by 9 months. The child can no longer do activities that they had previously been able to perform. A waddling gait is abnormal in a child over the age of 3 years and if observed, it is important to look for other abnormal signs such as tip toe walking or protruding belly due to lumbar lordosis in an attempt to maintain balance. Hops on one or both feet. For joint angle motion in the frontal and transverse planes, the repeatability was good within a test day and poor between test days. Regression may be subtle, such as a child no longer able to do up buttons on clothes due to finger pain or swelling or a toddler wanting to be carried up and down stairs. Normal adult gait

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Normal adult gait

Normal adult gait

Normal adult gait

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  1. If regression of motor milestones occurs in the context of other developmental delay cognitive, social, language , a more global cause must be considered.

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