Light skin baby boy with curly hair. Mixed (black&white) hair.

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Light skin baby boy with curly hair

If young black women internalise racialised beauty standards, it can spawn a debilitating self-hatred. I highly recommend it! Cathy Mukasa-Magoye July 11, at And it goes on. I found it fascinating lol HTH k kay Mya's hair is really straight, sometimes curls a bit when wet or sweaty. So we shall have to see! In my experience doing hair I have never met a mixed person with straight hair, ever! Length of hair? But my son is biracial and I already have a feeling his texture will be different than mine, not only that but I was a bald lil baby up til I was one n then my dad started treating my hair. She is 16 months now. But, for babies, the bottles do last a long time. Loves everything about your blog! This simply indicates to me that we are still adhering to this out-dated philosophy — when it comes to black people, the closer to Europeans; the better. In a world bombarded with YouTube videos, Instagram pics and Twitter hashtags, the fetishisation of mixed-race bodies is undoubtedly increasing. Now since birth, our son has had nearly bone straight hair, which made me happy only because taking care of my hair and watching my mom take care of my brother's hair when he was younger told me that it could be a challenge. Tiana February 5, at 9: The top is soft and wavy but the back is short curls that now I know is dry from over washing with the wrong products. Light skin baby boy with curly hair

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Light skin baby boy with curly hair

Light skin baby boy with curly hair

Light skin baby boy with curly hair

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  1. My question for you is what was the determining factor for switching from baby to kid products at 14 months?

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